Zion Web is a internetministry of:

Rev. John D. Ashbaugh, PA-C
Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania

Our Beliefs
  • The Lord our God is one Lord
  • There shall be no other gods but the one true God
  • Jesus Christ is God's Son and Messiah
  • Only through a living faith and relationship with Christ can we have eternal life
  • The Bible is the Inspired Word of God
Our Purpose
  • To share the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ with the world
  • To bring glory to God
  • To promote unity among all believers of Jesus Christ regardless of denomination
  • To provide resources for Christian Ministry
  • To provide a place to Christians to share their ministry with others
  • We need your prayers
  • We need your contributions: sermons, ministry story and Christian links. Submit your sermons here!
  • If you wish to contribute financially, your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Mail to:
    • First Church of God
      129 West Second Street
      Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania 17851
      Attn: Internet Ministry